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Casa del Parco Flora

The role of water, the lifeblood of the Earth, an essential resource for mankind and sculptor of the landscape is dealt with on the descriptive panels installed along an educational trail which passes the thundering Rio Bianco waterfall and crosses of the gorge above the mountain stream.

The Nature Park's wealth of vegetation is also illustrated inside the House, where displays examine the flora and the relationship between man and plants. The exhibits downstairs explain the use of wild and medicinal plants by man while an area is dedicated to wood and the various species of trees, which in the past as today are used in a variety of ways in the mountain economy. Upstairs a sort of "picture library" examines various aspects of nature and depicts all the flowers growing in the Park on a large panel. Just click on a selected flower and all its secrets will be revealed: the altitude it grows at, the species it belongs to and its characteristics and properties.

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Casa del Parco Flora
Località Rio Bianco 1 - 38070 Stenico
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