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A contemporary living nativity scene, able to merge amazingly Christmas magic with current themes

Lundo village comes alive during Christmas days, welcoming in its streets and among its houses a contemporary and theatrical living nativity scene, capable of renewing and making current the themes of tradition. A nativity scene made special by combining history with a strong message, linked to the present, with a different theme each year. This edition is dedicated to water, a precious and indispensable asset for life, to be conserved and used wisely, whose narrative recurs in all facets of the event.

Around the representation of the Nativity, heart of the nativity scene, the vaults of the houses of the village will house ancient crafts and inns curated by the Pro Loco of Lundo while along the streets musicians and figures will welcome visitors, offering the opportunity to attend theatrical and musical performances and guided tours.


How to get there:
Free shuttle bus (round trip) from Ponte Arche – “Piazza del Municipio” and from Dasindo-“Piazzale Copag”, from 16.20 to 21.00.


Within the current theme chosen for this year’s nativity scene, the “Judicaia Ecomuseum” offers guided tours with three daily replicas at 18, 19 and 20.

In the evocative atmosphere of the aqueduct of Lundo, we immerse ourselves in a surprising and poetic narrative. The sound of water, like the endless flow of a discourse that envelops the spectator and takes him far away. From the tops of the mountains to the mouths, and to the depths of the sea. Between words, music, colors… in a weightless proceeding.

After a short walk from the Lundo square to the aqueduct, we will be welcomed by designer David Marchiori who will tell us about the stages of the construction of the work. A musical piece will introduce the narrative voices that will take us on an exciting journey dedicated to water; 26/12 Massimo Lazzeri, 27/12 Sonia Spallino and 28/12 Marco Albino Ferrari.


"Voices in the Water" Visiting Hours:

Every day, three replicas at 18-19-20, meeting at the info point in the square (free admission)

For info: Ecomuseum of the Judicaria 3792310599


In the setting of the village theater, the Nativity play, curated by the Clochart Collective, becomes a modern-day "nativity scene" bringing with it a message that is always highly relevant.

Faith, tradition and contemporaneity come side by side and merge together in an enchanted setting to convey Peace, Hope and Brotherhood to young and old, but also awareness of contemporary issues that we cannot and must not forget.


The Nativity Play in Theater (by the Clochart Collective), is staged every half hour from 17.00 to 20.00.

All dates
26.12.2022 16:30 - 20:30 (Duration 04 h 00 min)
27.12.2022 16:30 - 20:30 (Duration 04 h 00 min)
28.12.2022 16:30 - 20:30 (Duration 04 h 00 min)
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