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Mese del Gusto Menu


In autumn, the menus of Mese del Gusto (“Month of Taste”) land on the tables of the restaurants of Garda Trentino.

Each menu presents recipes based on local products:

  • CARNE SALADACarne salada, finely sliced and garnished with EVO oil and flakes of Trentingrana, or grilled and served with fasoi (beans), accompanied by broccoli from Torbole or a mushroom sauce. These Garda Trentino restaurants serve a selection of recipes prepared with carne salada, the grand and traditional classic of the Upper Garda region, now with De.Co. certification.
  • CHESTNUTS AND WINE: for a menu based upon castagne or marroni chestnuts (whether simply boiled, or used as a filling for fresh pasta, roasts or fritters), sommeliers recommend a full-bodied red wine: a good glass of Teroldego, a DOC wine, ruby in colour and with an intense aroma, or a Trentino Cabernet DOC, dry on the palate with few tannins, or perhaps a Marzemino or a Merlot. These are wines to enjoy by the glass or to add to dishes as an ingredient per se. And, to sweeten the palate, there is Vino Santo Trentino DOC, the passito dei passiti, a dessert wine made of Nosiola grapes, the symbol par excellence of the Valle dei Laghi. Discover participating restaurants!
  • POTATOES AND WALNUTS: potato gnocchi with walnut sauce or smoked char with potato balls; nocetto, the tasty salami made with walnuts; a drizzle of walnut oil on bread (also made with walnuts, of course); then the ever-present nocino liqueur to go with a cake made with – Bleggio walnuts. These restaurants serve a selection of recipes prepared with the genuine fruits of Garda Trentino: the Lomaso potato, also known as the Montagnina; the purple potatoes of the Ledro Valley; and the walnuts of Bleggio, the first in Italy to be awarded Presidio Slow Food recognition. Discover participating restaurants!
  • CUCINA DELL’ESODO: Bohemian dumplings with goulash; pork tenderloin dished up with onions braised in craft beer, brewed locally according to a traditional Czech recipe; livance (yeasted pancakes) served with jam and a sprinkling of icing sugar. The culinary offerings of the Ledro Valley recall the flavours of Bohemia: to discover why, we must take a trip back in time. During the First World War, some of the population of southern Trentino was evacuated to the area around Prague and to Moravia. While there, they learned to cook local specialities that upon their return they mixed with traditional Trentino recipes, in particular those of the Ledro Valley. A selection of recipes with a Bohemian flavour, now with a Trentino accent, is available at these Garda Trentino restaurants.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October and November.

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Various locations in Garda Trentino
Various locations in Garda Trentino
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Largo Medaglie D'Oro Al Valor Militare, 5 - Riva del Garda
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