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fun experiences on the snow


If you’re always bursting with energy and looking for new fun experiences on the snow, you’ve come to the right place! In Garda Trentino you’ll find a full range of outdoor activities you won’t want to miss…

Put on a pair of snowshoes and not even the snow will be able to restrain you and your desire to trek! In winter, our Alpine guides will accompany you on snowshoe treks surrounded by enchanted landscapes and immersed in nature.

Mountain refuges in winter
After a fun excursion at a high altitude, you’re sure to stumble on a refuge, also open in winter, where you’ll be welcomed in and pampered with a hot drink and a delicious cake, or encouraged to enjoy a reinvigorating break.

Sport on the snow
A new adventure below zero awaits you every day! Switch from alternate to skate in the Fiavé and Concei cross country ski slopes, glide over the skating rink without a care in the world, treat yourself to a thrilling shot on an ice kart or climb back up to our peaks with seal skins … are you ready to go?

Riva del Garda, Ledro
Distance 16,4 km
Activity time 6 h 00 min
Height difference 811 m
Riva del Garda
Distance 5,6 km
Activity time 4 h 00 min
Height difference 560 m
Distance 8,0 km
Activity time 3 h 30 min
Height difference 808 m
Distance 2,9 km
Activity time 1 h 00 min
Height difference 77 m