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742. Tenno - Vespana - San Giovanni (All Mountain)
Tenno, Arco, Dro & Drena, Comano
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A challenging route from Garda Trentino which will test your legs and bike handling skills. A throughly satisfying day out with beautiful panoramic views of Alto Garda.

Route 742 has been classified as ‘All Mountain’. However, it has some climbs worthy of a Cross Country bike. There is a particular downhill section that, in its current state, could be prohibitive with an Enduro bike. The route rewards you with beautiful views of High Garda with its typical Mediterranean vegetation and many alpine forests which blanket the mountains of Calino, Misone and Biaina.

The route can be enjoyed for most of the year and during recent winters it seems to have been less affected by snow. The total altitude difference is just over 1300m, with climbs that in some places exceed 15%. Along with diverse terrain; long tarmac stretches, steep cemented ramps, cobblestone, dirt road, single track and scree.

Further information and useful links
  • There are two refreshment points along the route that are popular with bikers: San Pietro mountain refuge and Malga San Giovanni. Payment in cash.

  • This is an official route of the Garda Trentino Provincial Network of MTB routes, regularly maintained and accompanied by specific signage.

  •  For more information on routes and bike services: rentals, workshops, shops and cycling friendly accommodation - APT Garda Trentino  Tel. +39 0464 554444 

  • The texts relating to the route described in this sheet have been produced by Marco Giacomello, mountain bike guide.
Route info
34,1 km
Activity time
6 h 25 min
1.350 m
1.345 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
1.117 m
Lowest point
79 m
The route takes you close to the beautiful village of Canale di Tenno. If you have never been then it is definitely worthy of a visit.
Safety guidelines

NOTE: This trail has difficult downhill runs and is recommended for expert bikers only



  • Plan your ride
  • Share the trail with other users
  • Yield right of way to hikers
  • Let your speed be determined by your experience
  • Ride slowly on crowded trails, overtake with politeness and respect
  • Cycle only on authorized and open trails
  • Avoid muddy trails in order not to damage them further
  • Respect nature, plants, animals and the trail
  • Do not frighten animals
  • Take your rubbish home with you
  • Respect public and private property
  • Always be selfsufficient
  • Do not cycle solo in remote areas
  • Take back home only good pics


Suggestions taken from NORBA and IMBA codes of conduct.



The information on this chart is subject to inevitable variations, so this means that none of the indications are absolute. It is not entirely possible to avoid giving inexact or imprecise information, given how quickly environmental and weather conditions can change. For this reason we decline any responsibility for changes which the user may encounter. In any case,  the hiker is advised to check the conditions of the places, environment and weather before setting out.

Punto di partenza
Arco - parking place in Caneve

The starting point of the track is located on the cycle path, near to the Caneve car park. Following the signs, cross the Sarca river taking you towards the centre of Arco. Please note there are no signposts in the town itself. However, once you reach the church it is easy to identify, and take the nearby Viale delle Magnolie. Continue straight on to Via dei Capitelli going past Arco hospital and the ‘Eremo’ nursing home. Continue straight until you reach via Giuseppe Verdi where you will turn right, and then left onto via Nicola Bresciani - reaching the town of Varignano. Following the directions for route 742, leave the church on your right and shortly after, near a fountain, turn left to find the start of the first demanding ascent. From here the route is very well signposted, so all of your energy can be concentrated into pedalling up and over the steep concrete ramps.

Follow the mixed terrain of gravel, and tarmac until you reach Volta di No. At the intersection with the main road to Tenno: at the corresponding hairpin bend, turn right and after a few dozen metres, turn left - as indicated by the signposts. Continue to climb on to the very beautiful “Pil" road, with slightly bumpy terrain but a more gentle gradient. The panorama of High Garda here offers a beautiful distraction from any fatigue.

At the end of this climb, you will meet a secondary asphalt road with signs leading you to the left: to be for a short time, in the vicinity of Tenno Castle. Then turning right you will continue to climb on the main road to Tenno. Go up the two hairpin bends, then cross the carriageway taking the adjacent dirt road on the left that will lead you to Ville al Monte. Here, close to the church there is a fountain to refresh your water supplies. Once again at the main road, cross it continuing to the left and, after a few metres, turn right following the signs for borgo di Canale.

Follow the asphalted road that passes the villages of Canale and Calvola to reach the Croce Ci Calino, which takes a good bit of climbing. Route 742 takes you very close to the wonderful San Pietro Refuge, where you will continue straight to the town of Calino. The route here is clearly marked and descends towards the locality of Vespana. This stretch is not particularly technical but the gradient in some parts reaches over 15% with rather loose terrain. As always we advise you to ride with your individual ability and speed in mind.

Once in Vespana, as guided by the route signage, keep right towards the locality of Trains where you will face another challenging climb. Take a pause at the cross of Bondiga to admire the breathtaking panorama. Then, with legs and lungs slightly refreshed continue your ascent through the forest road up to  "Dosso della Vecchia". At this point the hard work is not yet over. However, the gradient becomes more undulating, thus forgiving, as you head towards the town of San Giovanni al Monte. Here you will be pleased to find another fountain and a popular refreshment spot for cyclists: Malga San Giovanni. Continue to descend on the asphalt road, then a few hundred meters from the town, route 742 leads to the left.

If you would prefer to avoid the technical descent, keep right instead of left to continue descending on the asphalt road towards Arco. This choice will lead you directly down to Varignano, which you may recognise from the beginning of the tour: where the climbing really started. Once at the church, in order to return to the route’s start, simply follow the already ridden part, in reverse.

For those of you wanting more of a challenge, follow the signage for route 425 - leading to a rather technical descent with a considerable gradient, and unstable terrain. When you reach the main road remember to stay on the righthand side, following it down to Mandrea. Where, a little way after you must keep left to take a mule track. Once again you reach the main road which you quickly leave again before the village of Padaro, by taking a narrow trail on the left. Skirting along a fence, you will face another uphill section. Here the terrain does nothing for one’s on-bike comfort, but it’s only the prelude to another challenging descent! The first part of which is rather exposed, becoming increasingly steep and technical.

Once you have identified the narrow trail (If in doubt look for the red and white painted symbols) its various crossroads in the woods are clearly indicated once again by the 742 route signage. Needless to say, ride according to your skills and please don’t take unnecessary risks. It is said that on the rocky sections it is better to walk, than to fall! At the exit of the trail, turn right following the road to the church of Santa Maria di Laghel. Continue to the right following the road until Arco, your original starting point.

public transportation

The towns in Garda Trentino - Riva del Garda, Torbole sul Garda and Arco – are connected by several urban and intercity bus lines which will take you to the starting point or in the immediate surroundings.

For up-to-the-minute information on timetables and routes

You can also get to Riva del Garda and Torbole sul Garda by the public ferry service.

How to get there
  • Attention! To reach the true departure of the itinerary (the climb that leads from Varignano to Volta di No), it is necessary to ride a couple of kilometres on urban roads, crossing the centre of Arco.

  • Getting to northern lake Garda / Garda Trentino


Where to park

Free parking in Caneve (5 min. walk from the town centre).

More Pay parking: Foro Boario parking, via Caproni Maini (Car park near the bridge), Post office (Via Monache).

Riding your bike requires specific clothing and equipment, even for relatively short and easy trips. It is always better to be prepared… e.g. for bad weather or a drop your energy levels. The unexpected things also make up a part of the fun!

Remember to throughly evaluate the type of route you plan to do, the locations you plan to cross and the current season. Has it been raining? Attention: The paths may be slippery and require more caution.

What do I need to bring on my bike tour?

  • An adequate water supply according to your needs (considering temperature, possibility of refuelling and duration of the route)
  • Plenty of snacks (for example, dried fruit or energy bars)
  • Waterproof / Windproof jacket.
  • A spare top / spare socks. (Descending in a sweaty garment, will make you cold)
  • Suncream
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike gloves/mitts
  • Map or GPS device
  • Bike lights: best placed on your helmet or handlebars. (It is always best to be prepared)
  • Bike repair kit for punctures and mechanical breakdowns
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency whistle

It is always advised to let someone know where you plan to go and how long you expect to be.

Emergency telephone number 112

E-Bike Stop Info Point Arco
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Bike Stop Parking Tenno
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Torbole sul Garda - Nago
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Riva del Garda
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Riva del Garda
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