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Three treks to tackle

Garda Trek

Multi-day tours around Lake Garda

Hiking for those who can’t get enough: these three multi-day tours, varying in altitude and difficulty, are the best way of getting to know the Garda Trentino region – featuring scenery, nature, faces and stories of this miniature yet magnificent part of the world!

Like a crown, these three routes cover the northern shores of Italy’s largest lake, connecting peaks, viewpoints, castles, villages and refuges into three unique hikes in stages, ideal for passionate walkers:

Garda Trek Multi-Day Tour 1 – Low Loop
2 stages – 1,045 metres ascent and descent – distance 33 km
Year-round tour without any technical challenges, ideal for getting to know the many faces of the landscape around the “Busa del Garda Trentino”.

Garda Trek Multi-Day Tour 2 – Medium Loop
4 stages – 3,275 metres ascent and descent – distance 73 km
This circular tour runs without any technical difficulties from the shores of Lake Garda to just over 1,000 metres above sea level.

Garda Trek Multi-Day Tour 3 – Top Loop
7 stages – 6,990 metres ascent and descent – distance 90 km
Absolute royalty: a challenging tour, but all the more impressive for that. The highest point on this majestic circuit is Monte Altissimo at 2,078 metres.
Multi-day tour without any technical challenges.