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“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”

(Gary Snyder)

We firmly believe this, here in Garda Trentino and, every day, we work hard to take good care of our land. It is a necessary choice to make the place where we live as beautiful as possible so that it can be enjoyed all life long or even just for a few days, now and in the future.
Would you like to help us, too? It takes little to make a difference.

  • Take your waste home and throw it in separate collection bins
  • Reduce plastic: there are many more sustainable alternatives now
  • If you can, get around on foot or by bike. You'll notice many more details that you would miss when travelling by car!
  • Watch wildlife from afar. After all, Garda Trentino is their home too
  • Leave flowers, stones and fragments of history in their place: those who come after you will enjoy them too
  •  Immerse yourself in the local life and learn about traditions, cuisine and typical products. There is a universe of "km 0" to discover
  • When you leave, turn off the lights and the air conditioning and close the taps: energy and water are precious resources
  • The lake is tied to its shores: everything that falls into a drain goes straight into its waters. This is why you should only dispose of rubbish in the bins provided.

Sailing and its enthusiasts adore the lake. And you?

Every year, Garda Trentino hosts hordes of sailing enthusiasts, who take to the water to challenge the wind and the waves. Are you one of them? Your contribution is essential for preserving and protecting our lakes: to have a regatta course in perfect condition both today and, above all, tomorrow too.

Respecting the lake and its environment is not difficult. In addition to the more general tips above, here are a few more specific suggestions:

  • Always bring your waste ashore
  • Carefully clean the hull of your boat before putting it in the water: this prevents the introduction of invasive species into the lake
  • When cleaning your boat, use natural detergents
  • The lake is a freshwater environment: there's no salt to remove from the boat or the equipment.
  • In Garda Trentino, motor navigation is forbidden: the only exception allowed is for assistance during regattas. In any case, keep the use of the dinghy to a minimum

Water, a precious commodity

Water is an essential element for life. Not just our own life, but that of the environment we live in too.

Think about it: we use this resource every day, in a thousand different ways. And when we are not using it personally, we are still benefiting from its use, for example in sectors such as agriculture and industrial production. 

But this widespread use of water cannot be sustainable in the long term: water scarcity is now a problem we have to deal with globally.

This is certainly a complex issue, but one that concerns each and every one of us. And everyone can do something to protect this fundamental resource, by adopting new, more conscious and careful habits, at home and on holiday. For example:

  • Always turn off the taps before going out
  • Only put the washing machine and dishwasher on when they are fully loaded
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving: this saves six litres of water per minute
  • Choose the shower instead of the bathtub: it's faster and you use less water
  • To wash fruit and vegetables fill a basin rather than using running water
  • Avoid pouring oil and animal fats used for cooking down the sink drain