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Riserva Naturale Monte Brione


A sanctuary that dominates Lake Garda

Mount Brione rises up isolated in the middle of  the alluvial plain of the Sarca, right behind the great Lake Garda and separates the two towns Riva del Garda and Torbole.
More than a real “mountain”, it is a limestone relief with the dimensions of a hill, but its steep and rocky faces on its eastern side give it the typical characteristics of a mountain. Its form is compared with an orange segment put on a plain. From the plain it rises about 310 metres and its maximum height is 376 m. ASL.
Although the entire relief is very precious from a naturalistic point of view only the summit is protected, and this for different reasons, especially those, concerning social grounds.
The naturalistic importance of Mount Brione is mainly based on its flora, counting an incredible elevated number of species (there could be 500, according to some botanists) and besides all species are present in a relatively small area. The secret of this natural resource is the position of Mount Brione, on the Northern boundaries of the Lake Garda area, where the lake is setting in its presence bringing a submediterranean climate that penetrates the southern Prealps.



Riserva Naturale Monte Brione
Via Monte Brione - 38066 Riva del Garda
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