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Museo degli attrezzi agricoli

Today, the tools collected in the houses where they were still used as a mark of reverence for the remote traditions, but also as a respect for their current utility, are kept in the Museum of Farm Tools in Canale.
The visitor entering  the small, but precious museum is immediately reminded of the hard and exhausting work that our grandparents did from dawn to dusk; you only have to remind the collection and preservation of leaves to make their beds in the stable, where they got together in the long winter evenings telling adventures and fairy tales.
You can observe the “Gerle”, tools that testify the fatiguing trudges on the mountain slopes; like the ear of wheat testifies the furrows of the plough and the golden wheat the millstone; the essential tools to transform milk: “cercène”, “stampi per el boter”(moulds), “smarzaròle”, the “zangola” (churn) where the cream was transformed in butter; and then there was the winery where the wine jug made the hard work good; the tools for cutting and carving the wood; the artisan’s workshop and the cooper’s tools.
A look at the country people’s life, who underwent the consequences of natural and historic events. A country life represented by these more and more rare tools, assailed by modern technology. What’s left today is a museum where we can observe these well cared tools and think about our grandparents with admiration.



Opening period

Opening summer 2023 (july and august)

Museo degli attrezzi agricoli
Borgo Medievale di Canale - 38060 Tenno
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