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Murales di Balbido


Balbido is a traditional Trentino Alpine small town in Bleggio, located just a few kilometres away from Terme di Comano. The town still boasts numerous features of its farming heritage, such as old, grandiose houses with their vaulted stables, harvest and fodder barnyards, huge open wooden attics used to store hay and firewood. Of the many initiatives undertaken to promote the urban heritage of the town, special mention goes to the murals painted on the outer walls of the houses by recurring to naïf and graffiti-based techniques. The works depict nature at its most essential, people toiling in the fields, dreams, feeling and passions.

Members of the Itinerant Group of Naïf Mural Painters worked on the houses of Balbido, transforming the town into a captivating piece of artwork.

Frazione Balbido - 38071 Bleggio Superiore
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