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Borgo di Frapporta

The medieval village of Frapporta used to be directly linked with the castle above, to which it was possible to ascend only from within the town itself. It was therefore a sort of fortified village, and access was through the old arched gate which today still retains its sturdy closing mechanism. The houses are laid out along the street which leads to the hill of San Lorenzo and the church of the same name. They are defended by the cliff which rises up from the Gòla path and the steep terraces which run down the Magnone river valley. The walls sorrounding the village to the north-east form the base of a 17 century tower. In the clearing below, there is an old fountain and a tomb from the Dark Ages which was discovered in the higher part of Tenno.

Borgo di Frapporta
38060 Frapporta
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