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Canale di Tenno - Lake Garda
Canale di Tenno
A fairy-tale village

Canale di Tenno

A portal into the past

Entering Canale di Tenno is like being in a fairy tale – you half expect to see knights appear!

Canale di Tenno is a very special mountain village, nestling in the gentle Mediterranean hills of Garda Trentino, one that tells of medieval times. The old stone houses, the vaults, the windows decorated with geraniums and the balconies overlooking the quiet lanes have all been attracting numbers of artists since the Second World War. The “House of the Artists”, named after the painter Giacomo Vittone, offers artists a place to stay and meet others from all over Europe.  

Recognised as one of the “Borghi più belli d'Italia” [most beautiful villages in Italy], this dreamlike locality offers even more by way of culture: while in the cold season the Christmas market will warm visitors’ hearts, in summer history-lovers will delight at the “Rustico Medioevo” festival, where life in the past is atmospherically recreated. 

And the bright blue of Lake Tenno is only a beautiful 20-minute walk away!