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The Sarca river is the main watercourse through Garda Trentino. Its source lies within the Presanella mountain group, located in the middle of Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. The watercourse cascades energetically towards Comano, forging ahead and creating the awe-inspiring Limarò Gorge, before ultimately reaching Sarche. From there its flow becomes gentler, until it reaches Lake Garda, of which it is the main tributary.
The river has played – and continues to play – a crucial role as a resource for those who live in the local area. Its waters are a vital source for generating energy and agriculture.
The Sarca bag is made of certified organic cotton and comes in several colour ways.
We have chosen to dedicate our bags to iconic subjects from Garda Trentino. As soon as you hear their names, your mind will conjure up images of the wind caressing your skin, the breath-taking views of the lake and mountain peaks, and the soothing sounds of water... Which one is your favourite?
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  • Size: 37 x 47cm
  • Material: certified organic cotton
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