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Terme di Comano

Almost two centuries of history for a place that combines wellbeing and personal care. We are at the Terme di Comano, where the gushing water at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites has unique characteristics that make it a precious natural “drug”. Here, Mother Nature herself is the therapist - and the tools she uses are not limited to water: the greenery of the extensive park invites visitors to relax, try out the sensorial pathways and recharge their batteries. Already imagining how it feels to walk among giant trees, breathing in the scent of the mountains, with the burbling of the river gently accompanying your steps? This is the irresistible effect Terme di Comano has on everyone.

With your Garda Guest Card you can choose from three options:

  1. 10% discount on spa and wellness treatments (excluding ticket) with a minimum spend of € 100 - (valid for all persons marked on the card)
  2. Discount 7,00€ on Comano Salus Package - (valid for all persons indicated on the card). Experience the Comano Method: the philosophy that combines thermalism, nature, medical experience and scientific research. A complete experience to regenerate, take care of yourself and recover balance and serenity. Take care of yourself and recover balance and serenity. Natural Wellness activities and in-depth health information provided by our specialists will help you experience a complete wellness experience. The Comano Salus package includes:
    1. Hydropinic treatment including Terme di Comano water bottle
    2. one Comano Activity per day
    3. two Comano Educational meetings during the cure period
  3. Discount 10% on Spa and Wellness Routes - RIEPTIBLE (valid for all persons indicated on the card). Our daily Spa and Wellness Programmes are dedicated to health and relaxation. Thanks to the innovative Comano Method you can achieve concrete results in just one day. Water thermal water, the big park, the Terme di Comano SKINCARE cosmetic line and the specialised medical centre: a combination of balance and wellbeing. Choose from the available paths:
    1. Breathing - Antioxidant pathway
    2. Movement - New Energy Path
    3. Relaxation - Rebalance path
    4. Draining - Perfect Shapes pathway



Terme di Comano
Loc. Terme di Comano - 38070 Stenico
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