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Speck & Stube

From breakfast to the full meal… this restaurant knows how to conquer you at all times. Accomplishing a list of tasty and delicious dishes, excellent unpasteurized beers and a stunning view of the lake

An ice cream, a coffee or a full meal with every delight. The Speck & Stube Restaurant welcomes you with its large garden, a large park for children and families and, of course, a splendid view of the lake. The warm and welcoming atmosphere immediately captivates you. Hard at that point not to get caught by a more than justified languor. And then a look at the menu that offers chicken skewers, hamburgers, sausages, ribs, cut, fins, ribs, shin, cutting boards and much more to water with excellent unpasteurized draught beers. Delicious desserts - also available for breakfast - and a surprising list of ice creams. Great attention to raw materials from local quality producers.

A particularly delicious offer with a view of the lake.

Speck & Stube
Viale Foletto 10 - PIeve
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