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Castello di Tenno

The massive form, lightened by the battlements, accentuates the austere grandeur of the underlying fortified small village. The castle, vigilant over the old road of Lake Garda and the Giudicarie Esteriori, represents a suggesting ornamental and historic model integrated in Trentino’s unique landscape. A collapse in 1920 destroyed the quadrangular donjon, but the castle was already sacked in the eighteenth century by the Vendôme troops. The walls, that severely surround it, seem to protect it; they are full of history and keep inscriptions and coats of arms belonging to Princes and Bishops. Not far from here you can find the small Lake Tenno. Up to now it is private property and it cannot be visited.

Castello di Tenno
Via per San Lorenzo - 38060 Tenno
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