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The “Noce del Bleggio”

The walnut from Lake Garda

The area around Comano is characterised by the diversity of its rural agriculture, which offers a range of interesting produce for gourmets and the nutrition-conscious alike: one example is the walnut known as the Noce del Bleggio.nutrition-conscious alike: one example is the walnut known as the Noce del Bleggio.

Somewhat elongated in form, these walnuts from Bleggio have been cultivated since ancient times on the breezy hills between Tione di Trento and Ponte Arche. The “Noce di Bleggio” is characteristically tangy in taste. The walnuts are used in local bread and bakery products as well as many savoury dishes: salami with walnuts is a particular speciality.

Its slightly fragile husk, tangy flavour and environmentally friendly, traditional way of cultivation also managed to win over the jury for the “Presìdio Slow Food” quality seal. By the way, there is also a themed trail in and around Bleggio, the “Sentiero della Noce (Walnut Trail)”, a route featuring walking paths and alleyways between all the places where the “Noce del Bleggio” is the main focus.

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