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Good news, both for anglers and lovers of exquisite fish dishes: Lake Garda and Lake Ledro – but also the smaller Lake Tenno and the River Sarca – are all exceptionally rich in fish!

Trout, whitefish, cisco, bleak, sardines, pike, tench, perch and eels are just a few examples of fishes that can make excellent culinary preparations. Particularly noteworthy is the salmo carpio, also known as the Lake Garda carpione that, as the name suggests, can only be found in the waters of the Lake and was thought to be almost extinct just a few years ago. Successfully reintroduced into its natural habitat, the carpione population has grown in numbers – which is also a treat for gourmets. The middle and lower waters of the River Sarca too are extremely rich in roach and barbel.

The breeding of char and both rainbow and brown trout round off the range of fresh fish: the recent recognition of regional IGP status to fish farming in Garda Trentino testifies to the fact that centuries-old traditions and state-of-the-art technology can together produce outstanding results.

The traditional recipes of Trentino cuisine are to be recommended when cooking typical fish specialities, but many varieties can also be quickly prepared “alla piastra” with excellent results. And, with a little creativity, you can also conjure up completely new dishes of your own invention!

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