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A weekend dedicated to learning about local olive oil traditions

It’s always olive oil hour in Garda Trentino. Why not spend your Weekend learning about, chatting about, and sampling local produce? Enjoy exquisite extra virgin olive oil produced in Garda Trentino as part of a guided tour of seven local oil mills.

This occasion is the perfect opportunity to wander among olive groves, rummage through wicker baskets, dip a chunk of bread in delicious olive oil, try intriguing new flavour combos made with local produce, and learn all about the excellent local brands that have been awarded the coveted Garda Trentino DOP certification. Learn from the very people behind olive-growing traditions in Alto Garda. People who truly believe that time can stopped in a bottle.


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Learn how extra virgin olive oil from Garda Trentino is made and let its delicate flavours captivate your senses. 
Explore the mills and join tastings during regular opening hours, as listed in the table below.
Contact each oil mill to book your visit.