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The holiday season wouldn't be complete without a steaming mug of holiday cheer to warm both hands and hearts, or tasty treats that transport you back to cherished moments from childhood.
Likewise, the holidays wouldn't be the same without treating yourself to one (or many) of the delightful things that fill the air with enticing aromas.

If you decide to stay at one of our participating establishments, you will receive a very special gift: an XMAS PACKAGE that will take you on a delectable journey through Garda Trentino’s Christmas markets. Along the way, you’ll get to sample various delights, all on the house!  

Curious about what the package includes? Take a peek below:
Gusto Market - Apple Juice
Arco Christmas Market - Mulled Wine
Canale Christmas Market - Strudel
Rango Market - Buckwheat or Linzer Cake
Vite di Luce - Homemade Grappa and Torta de Fregoloti
Calavino Nativity Scene - Polenta and Milk
Christmas at the Brewery - Winter Beck Christmas Beer