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Santa Claus
The North Pole comes south

Where Santa Claus spends his holidays

A branch of the North Pole

All parents have an answer to the question “Where does Santa Claus live?” – at the North Pole, of course! But where does Santa spend his holidays before he gets busy delivering Christmas parcels? The answer: at Riva del Garda on Lake Garda.

Crossing the magical bridge to the Rocca fortress leads to Santa’s holiday home. You can visit him at the “Casa di Babbo Natale” – the House of Father Christmas! There are workshops, playgrounds and delicious food to taste – and any children who are yet to make a wish list will be inspired to write down their thoughts there and then hand over their letter to Santa in person. There is plenty of charm, magic and fun waiting to delight little elves of all kinds!

If you book your winter holiday in one of the participating establishments, remember to request the promotion code that will give you free access to Santa's House.