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Bike Stop
Recharge and repair

Bike Stop

The cyclist’s little blue helpers

The Garda Trentino holiday region offers cyclists a large network of bike stops: repair columns where they can carry out mini repairs on their bikes if necessary or recharge empty batteries. Located along cycle paths, in town centres and at important transport hubs, there is sure to be a blue Bike Stop repair column nearby!

bike stop
E-Bike Stop Rifugio San Pietro
Bike Stop Pranzo
Bike Stop Faggio - Ledro
Torbole sul Garda - Nago
E-Bike Stop Parco Pavese - Torbole
Valle dei Laghi
E-Bike Stop Vezzano
Val di Gresta
E-Bike Stop S. Antonio - Ronzo Chienis
Dro & Drena
E-Bike Stop Camping Resort - Drena
Bike Stop Parking Lago di Tenno
Dro & Drena
E-Bike Stop Sports Centre Oltra - Dro