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Angling in Garda Trentino

Good fishing and “buon appetito”

There is plenty for anglers to discover in Lake Garda and Lake Ledro, not to mention the River Sarca, its tributaries, the mountain lakes and the region’s other smaller waterways. The main fishes are trout, chub, whitefish, tench, brown trout, barbel, pike, carp, the famous marble trout as well as several rarities, such as the indigenous Lake Garda trout, the salmo carpio.

No fishing permit is required for fishing in the lakes and rivers of Garda Trentino: you simply need a daily or weekly ticket from the local angling association Trentino Fishing. These tickets can be obtained at the information offices in Riva del Garda, Arco, TorbolePieve di Ledro and at the affiliated resellers of Comano Terme. The respective regional regulations apply in the Veneto and Lombardy regions.

Fishing for eels and carpione is prohibited all year round throughout Lake Garda.