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Lake Garda 42 - Pure running
2 courses, a breathtaking landscape and a versatile program

Choose whether to run 42 kilometers from Limone to Malcesine or 21 kilometers from Arco to Malcesine. Also the little ones are going to be challenged at the LAKE GARDA KIDS RUN in Riva del Garda. But that’s not it! Pasta Party, two Expo Areas and Cheering Zone are just a little part of the program. The extraordinary setting of Lake Garda, where mountains meet sea, wraps your Pure Running experience up.


Starting at the lakeshore in Limone, you are running towards Riva del Garda. The refreshing sea breeze and the sound of the sea waves make you think of floating over Lake Garda and indeed, you are! The charming streets of Riva del Garda are leading your way to the seafront, passing then through orchards, up to Arco. Halftime! Recharged, you continue your run towards Torbole, where family, friends and spectators are fiercely cheering you on. You’re almost there! Whilst taking a look at the lake on your right side and the mountains on your left side, you reach Malcesine in a jiffy. A well-earned reward is waiting for you.


Your start is in Arco, where the certainty of having the marathon runners chasing you really pushes you forward. Along the river Sarca you run towards the lake in Torbole, whose fresh breeze gives you new energy. With the cheers of the spectators in the back, you run metre by metre on a diverse route between mountain slopes and lake shore and through tunnels. When the castle of Malcesine comes into your sight, you are almost there. You've done it! Malcesine has been reached and a well-earned reward is waiting for you.


Location: Limone | Garda Trentino | Malcesine
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24.03.2023 09:00 - 15:40 (Duration 06 h 40 min)
25.03.2023 09:00 - 15:40 (Duration 06 h 40 min)
26.03.2023 09:00 - 15:40 (Duration 06 h 40 min)
Piazza delle Canoniche
Arco - Piazza delle Canoniche
Piazza Battisti
Riva del Garda - Piazza Battisti
Various locations in Garda Trentino
Various locations in Garda Trentino
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