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A special Christmas market

Christmas market in Canale di Tenno

A truly wonderful Advent

The well-preserved medieval “borgo” of Canale di Tenno is even more enchanting in the depths of winter as, between the picturesque alleyways that seem to scale the mountainside, its courtyards and doors open up to create a unique Christmas market.

Craftsmen and creatives decorate the streets with their beautiful, handmade little objects and works of art. The scents of cloves, freshly baked Christmas biscuits and mulled wine waft through the alleyways, a reliable guide to all sorts of tasty and delicious items to be sampled amidst the colourful Christmas hustle and bustle.
As a member of the renowned association, “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia”, Canale di Tenno will also always play host to a partner municipality at Christmas time: Italy’s most beautiful villages present themselves here during the Advent season, bringing with them not only their local specialities, but also plenty of inspiration – and a good opportunity to get to know more of the country’s highlights!

27, 28 November
4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19 December
From 9.00 to 18.00

Further Advent highlights and attractions in Canale di Tenno that should not be missed:

The Procession of the Shepherds - 24 December, 22.00
The starting point for the procession is Canale’s picturesque square. From here the shepherds and their animals, with the traditional bagpipers, descend to the church of Ville del Monte for midnight mass. An impressive spectacle for young and old alike.

The living nativity - 26 December, from 14.00 to 18.00
The living nativity scene in the village Canale becomes a fairy-tale setting for a day, celebrating the birth of Christ in a very moving fashion. In addition to the shepherds with their animals and the Holy Family, housed in a stable in the village, the professions, customs and traditions of the past all come alive. A unique experience!

The Festival of the “Befana” - 6 January, 15.00
A friendly old lady comes to the picturesque village square to fill the children’s socks with delicious sweets and little gifts.

House of the Artists
The “Casa degli Artisti” was opened in the 1960s from an idea by Giacomo Vittone – an amateur painter who had fallen in love with Canale di Tenno. The “Casa degli Artisti” was a place that allowed artists to take an inspiring break and where they could count on the hospitality of the inhabitants. Today the building hosts exhibitions, conferences, concerts and further education courses.

Museum of Farm Tools
The ancient rooms of this museum are home to a collection of old tools used in farming, collected by volunteers from the committee of Ville del Monte. The museum offers both a journey back in time to what was a very labour-intensive agricultural way of life, as well as a treasure trove of very well-preserved individual items from a bygone era.