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Area Sosta Camper Comano

from 10,00 €

The camping area is located in Ponte Arche – Comune of Comano Terme, Via Lungo Sarca | Google Maps.

It has a brand new infrastructure equipped with showers, toilet, sinks and an electrical connection.
Other services are the water loading and unloading and the public lighting.

Method of Payment: 

It must be made in advance at the entrance of the parking area:

  1. at the Info Point Garda Trentino Ponte Arche (Via C. Battisti, 74 – 38077 Ponte Arche - Comano Terme | +39 0465 702626)
  2. by credit card
  3. by Bank Transfer: to the C/C IBAN: IT35D0801635320000000 316769 - BIC: CCRTIT2T04A - CASSA RURALE ALTO GARDA e ROVERETO - FIL. RIVA DEL GARDA. Reason for payment: camper parking area (write vehicle license plate number and parking period)

Daily rate per camper/pitch:

€ 10,00 until 3 days/ € 08,00 from 4 days.

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