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Latest update: June 26th, 2020

Can I book a holiday in Garda Trentino this summer?

Of course! Hotels, lodgings and restaurants have already reopened!

Our operators and all tourist service providers in Garda Trentino — together with the provincial body and institutions for Healthcare Services — have worked hard to resume operations while guaranteeing the complete safety and health of guests and workers.

Long before the lifting of travel restrictions, many meticulous and detailed protocols were put in place to provide a way to start again, leaving Garda Trentino ready to take care of you once more, with greater dedication than ever.


What services are currently open in Garda Trentino?

Lots of businesses have reopened in Garda Trentino!
Hotels, wine and food businesses, shops, markets, offices and beauty salons, as well as gyms and swimming pools, are up and running in Trentino.

Life in Garda Trentino has returned to a new form of normality, in which freedom of movement is balanced with caution and care.

Our museums have also reopened, having reorganised their services based on the health-related and legislative provisions and recommendations contained in the protocols for the sector.

To guarantee that everyone can comfortably enjoy these services, and as a general rule, we remind you that it is still necessary to keep a minimum distance of at least 1 metre between people whenever possible, and to wear a mask whenever this distance cannot be guaranteed.

When it is not possible to maintain this minimum distance — e.g. during beauty treatments — or where a mask cannot be worn — such as when eating at restaurants — business owners are under instruction to adopt additional measures to guarantee your safety while providing their services.

In all of the situations described above, in order to avoid gatherings when entering the venue, people must wait their turn while respecting the minimum safe distances. Businesses which deem it necessary may put a system of reservations in place to guarantee the best conditions for providing their service. In any case, all businesses will display signs describing the routes and procedures to follow, for everybody’s peace of mind.


Are exercise and sports allowed?

Yes; and for anybody passionate about sports and open-air physical activities, Garda Trentino can provide everything you need, especially open spaces and fresh air.
In terms of individual activities, exercise and sports of all types, including water-based activities, are allowed, provided that they are enjoyed alone or with other members of the same household: e.g. walking, running, cycling throughout the entire region, including using the full network of bicycle paths and using both public and private transit.

For low-intensity activities such as walking, a minimum distance of 1 metre must always be maintained between people from different households, and a mask must be worn where this cannot be guaranteed or where there may be a high concentration of people.

For more intensive sporting activities, the minimum distance is 2 metres; while high-intensity activities, such as mountain running for example, require a distance of 5 metres for safety.

A number of individual outdoor sports — e.g. golf, archery, shooting, athletics, horse-riding, sailing, canoeing, individual water sports, MTB, motor sports, motorcycling, climbing and racing — can also be enjoyed at sports centres and areas which guarantee open-air spaces and which do not entail the use of common areas, apart from the toilets.

There are procedures which allow organised outdoor activities with guides, or those which involve the participation of numerous people and hired materials (such as guided outings, climbing, rafting, canoeing and visiting the Acropark, as a few examples), to be enjoyed in complete safety, in accordance with specific protocols. It is advisable to contact the groups or structures organising these activities in advance in order to better manage special needs and requests.


Are the beaches of Garda Trentino open?

Yes, all the lakeside beaches in the municipality of Riva del Garda, Torbole sul Garda, Arco and at Lake Tenno are accessible, for swimming, for sunbathing and relaxing. All users are individually responsible for adopting behaviors respectful of prevention measures, keeping the safety distance of at least 1m. It is mandatory that sunbeds, deckchairs, towels, mats, etc. are spaced at least one and a half meters, family members apart. It is also forbidden to be stationed on the beach-paths and on the lakeside. It is forbidden to form gatherings and to practice group recreational / sporting activities. The practice of individual sports that usually take place on the beach or in the water respecting interpersonal distancing is allowed. To check compliance with the rules, the presence of local police officers as well as “stewards” will be intensified in order to inform and advise people on the correct behavior to follow.


Are bars and restaurants open?

Yes: bars, restaurants, ice-cream parlours, pizzerias, pastry shops and vineyards, as well as farmhouses and even mountain lodges, have all reopened; reorganising in accordance with precise, thorough guidelines to allow them to offer their services with complete peace of mind.

To guarantee the safety of all the above services, a minimum distance of 1 metre must be maintained both at the tables and at the counter. For this reason, some establishments may have increased the areas in use or reduced their capacity. It is mandatory to wear a mask in the common areas, and hand sanitiser is made available to customers at multiple locations throughout the venue.

Some businesses may make reservations mandatory in order to better organise their services, so it is wise to contact them in advance to book your table.

Many businesses will continue to offer a delivery and/or take-away service. It is recommended that orders for take-away be placed online or by telephone, apart from products for quick consumption, such as beverages, coffee, ice-cream, snacks and small baked goods. Products purchased must be consumed in the consumer’s home or lodgings, apart from items intended for immediate consumption, which may also be eaten in public areas provided that this does not give rise to any gatherings and the necessary distances are maintained. The single-use packaging must then be correctly separated by type and disposed of. These services may also be open on Sundays and holidays.


Is public transport operating normally?
The provincial transit network within and outside towns and the railways are operating, though with a smaller capacity than before. Reduced numbers of spaces are available on the various means of transport in order to guarantee safe distances between travellers, and masks must be worn on board. Transport services will be running on a regular schedule on both working days and holidays, providing the service within and outside town. Evening services have been reduced within town, but it is still possible to book the Elastibus service. Railway services on the provincial networks connecting Valsugana, the Val di Non and the Val di Sole have also been reinstated.

Tickets can no longer be purchased on board, but you can obtain them at ticket offices or use a multi-trip pass, such as the convenient pay-as-you-go card or the super handy apps. Further information is available on the Trentino Trasporti website.


Are the borders open?

Italian borders are now open for all EU and Great Britain citizens, and those arriving in Garda Trentino will no longer have to observe the 14-day quarantine period. The Austrian border has reopened on June 16. For extra EU and extra Schengen citizes, travel is still only allowed for proven work and health needs.


What should I do if I think I've contracted the virus while I'm in Garda Trentino?
If you are in Garda Trentino and you have symptoms or suspect that you have been infected, please do not go to a hospital or healthcare facility, but contact the multilingual toll-free number 800867388 immediately. This number is available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Only call 112 in cases of emergency.


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