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In our shop you will find all you need for repairing your bike or rent a mountain bike!

Whatever is your way of thinking on the two wheels world, if you are passionate for cross country, or if you like to be technical in the single track challenge, or speeding downhill in free ride or simply riding fast on the road, in our special completely furnished shop you will find all the tools and the necessary gear and clothes for every demand

Is really old and huge the history and the experience that it is behind Rosà Bike. A history that has its beginning with a promising mechanic that supports the great Bartali in the tour of Italy. That mechanic is called Bruno Rosà. Everything today the great appointment and professionalism are handed down and remain words of order in "the modus operandi" of Rosà Bike.

These are our services: Rent,Repair, Spare parts & accessories, Bike shuttle, Bike guide

Bike Experience: Our knowledge of surroundings is wide, we know all the paths and small roads since we went along those for many years so we can suggest the right one that best suits your level. We will give you all the means to enjoy those roads in the safest way, with every weather condition!

Zeitraum: 01.04 - 30.10 Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So
9:00 - 12:30
16:00 - 19:00
viale Damiano Chiesa, 1 - 38066 Riva del Garda
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