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Outdoor experiences

A safe holiday in which to enjoy tailor-made experiences in the name of authenticity, away from crowded places, to discover genuine traditions and simple lifestyles: it is Garda Trentino and here the holiday is all to be relished in the sunshine.

In the open air, breathing deeply the truest happiness, that adrenaline sensation of freedom that only an outdoor experience can give.
The precious natural and morphological elements that characterize Garda Trentino will make you fall in love with this area.
The birdsong and the sounds of nature will be the musical background of trekking, the rustling of the wind will be the theme for your sailing trips, the gentle toing and froing of the lake waves will be the symphony of gritty windsurfing experiences where the ample space will give you a pleasant feeling of freedom.


Small tips to enjoy being outdoors in tranquillity

  • Stay at home if you have flu symptoms, even mild ones.
  • Frequently sanitize your hands with a spray or gel, particularly during breaks especially when you use individual material for collective use.
  • Maintain the interpersonal distance of 2 metres (depending on the activity in question).
  • Use a mask whenever possible during briefings, for example, or brief individual or group instruction with a guide.
  • Avoid sharing glasses, snacks or food, as well as drinking from the same bottle.
  • Avoid traditional handshakes and other unnecessary physical contacts.
  • Be careful to sneeze and/or cough by covering your nose with your arm or using a handkerchief, avoiding hand contact with respiratory secretions.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Place the waste in a bag or dispose it properly

In Garda Trentino we are facing the difficult moment we are going through by adopting precise prevention measures to make you enjoy safe outdoor activities accompanied by the best professionals.


The common denominator will be YOUR safety.

  • Booking. Book your outdoor experience online or by phone
  • Self-declaration. For your safety and everyone else's, always carry a self-declaration in which you state whether you have any flu symptoms (temperature over 37.5 °), whether you are coming from areas at risk or have had contact with people positive to the virus in the 7 days before the start of the activity. We will ask you to sign a Privacy Policy for your data security.
  • Protect yourself. Always carry gloves, a mask and a hand sanitizer gel with you.
  • Briefing. You will be welcomed by hotel-management professionals in sanitized and ventilated rooms and areas, you will find a hand sanitizer both on entering and exiting the hotel.
  • Sanitized equipment. All the rented equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before and after each use.
Outdoor experiences

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