Hidden Treasures - Itinerary From Riva to Riva


A simple and easy to walk itinerary leads us on a discovery of the most beautiful views of Riva del Garda - not always that which is not seen is actually hidden. From the shores of the lake to the beautiful Church of the Inviolata through the medieval town, we spend an hour in the company of Riva.

Start: Information Office, Riva del Garda
End: Largo Marconi, Riva (Chiesa Inviolata) or Bastione
Length: 1.5 kmDuration: 1h
Elevation difference: 30 m.
Difficulty: easy (optional climb to Bastione: medium to hard)
Notes: Suitable for wheelchairs and trolleys.

1. Fraglia della Vela and Spiaggia degli Olivi

This complex was designed in the 1930s by Giancarlo Maroni, the architect of D’Annunzio’s Vittoriale. La Spiaggia degli Olivi was a chic high society meeting place and a bathing amenity for guests and residents. La Fraglia della Vela was built as a headquarters for the sailing club which still runs it. The name Fraglia della Vela, or Sailing Fraternity, was suggested by d’Annunzio himself since it recalled the medieval guilds.
2. La Rocca / Museum

Dates back to the agreement made in 1124 with the bishop Altemanno when the citizens of Riva were granted the right to build a new fortress on the lake shore. The course of history has left its mark on la Rocca which has been altered over time. In the early 16th century, it was refurbished to make it a fitting temporary residence of the bishop princes. It underwent a radical transformation in the mid-19th century, when it was turned into an Austro-Hungarian barracks and lost all its medieval and renaissance features. Recent restoration work has revealed some of the original structures and made it a suitable home for the museum. The view from the keep is truly magnificent.

Museo Alto Garda

This museum houses the historical and cultural heritage of Riva and the Alto Garda. It is home to the permanent sections on Art Gallery, Archaeology and History as well as hosting temporary exhibitions and the workshop-itinerary INvento for children and families.
There is a beautiful view from the top of the Keep. The archaeological section includes standing stones from the Copper Age found near Arco, signs of the piledwellingculture of Ledro, as well as pre-Roman and Roman finds, and inscriptions of the Alto Garda.The art gallery displays works from the 15th century to the modernday: works of the 15th century FW monogrammist, Pietro Ricchi (17th century), Francesco Hayez,Vincenzo Vela, Giuseppe Canella (19th century).

Not to be missed:
The archaeological section of the Museum houses one of the most important collections in the province with the most significant finds unearthed in the Alto Garda area which is particularly rich in its archaeological heritage. Highlights include ancient flint artifacts from Monte Baldo which date back to Neanderthal man and the piledwellings of Ledro and Fiavé, not to mention statue-steles from the Copper Age in Arco.There are also major finds from the Roman period such as the place of worshipinMonte San Martino and finds from the historic centre of Riva del Garda and the outstanding thermal baths in via Pilati.

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3. Piazza delle Erbe

This piazza was built after the War as a market square and some houses which had been damaged by bombs were demolished.The "fish arcade" faces onto the square and designed by Enrico Odorizzi who may have been inspired by the style of Giancarlo Maroni.
4. Piazza 3 Novembre

Formerly called Piazza Granda and then Piazza Benacense, this piazza is the heart of both the old and modern town. It is the location of the Office of the Podestà and the Town Hall, the Torre Apponale and some houses of the nobility. The arcades dating back to the period of Scaligera rule, which close off the piazza towards the harbour and the lake, used to house the markets and shops. 
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