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Hidden Treasures - Itinerary From History to Naure

A journey through history and nature that visits some places rooted in local tradition, both ancient and modern, starting from the ancient castle of Drena. An impromptu visit to the open air gallery "Drena 3000" introduces us to the mountain environment surrounding Drena, from which we reach the famous chestnut grove and finally the high altitude meadows of Malga Campo.

Start: Parking near the Castle, Drena
End: Malga Campo, Drena
Length: 5 km (of which one on foot)
Time: 2 hrs (half a day on foot)
Difficulty: easy (medium, but long, on foot)
Altitude difference: 1000 metres
Note: Only partially accessible with wheelchairs. In view of the considerable length we recommend this tour by car or mountain bike. The open air gallery is only accessible on foot.

1. Castle of Drena

“Castel” Drena, originally a fortified outpost of the Seyano family along the ancient Roman road, became a property of the Counts of Arco in 1175. For many years, however, the castle and its grounds were disputed between the two families (one standing for the bishop in Trento, the other for the imperial power). Since 1399 the military garrison (which housed a small number of soldiers under the command of a captain) was progressively expanded until it obtained its current shape in the seventeenth century: a vaguely triangular wall enclosing the top of hill (4200 square meters of terrain) and a crenelated tower in ashlar stone standing over 27 meters high. In 1703 the castle was heavily bombarded by the French General Vendôme, leading to a period of slow decline.Following the purchase by the municipality (in 1981) and restoration, Castel Drena now appears in its "essential splendor", perfectly embedded in the surrounding scenery, shaping and characterizing the landscape of the town, of which it is an inseparable component. The medieval castle is used as a permanent museum and as a fascinating setting for temporary exhibitions and artistic events.

Opening times:

Next: from the castle we take the road into the town, then turn right following the signposts to Braila. About ten minutes after leaving Drena, we will reach the Open Air Gallery and its parking. 
2. Open Air Gallery

A park with unique charm, where works of art embellish and embrace the natural landscape, in creative imitation of nature and practical representation of legendary values and archetypes. The rock engravings and sculptures scattered in the woods, made by local and international artists with different techniques and materials, should not be missed. We leave the road and hike through the expansive boulder area, enjoying the pleasure of discovery.

Next: we return to the parking area back to Drena. At the entrance of the village just after the first houses we turn right following the signs for "La Casina".
3. Parking

We park near the old lime kiln on the road near the restaurant La Casina, and follow the road uphill. Here too there is no predetermined route, we explore the area searching for the informative panels of the "Cammino dei Ricci"
A lime kiln (“calchera” in dialect) is a kiln for the production of lime by baking limestone, of which the area is rich. A traditional stone kiln has a barrel shape and is partially dug into the ground. The firing process lasted for a week, including the cooling off period: during this time, the kiln had to be fed wood nonstop for days.
4. "Cammino dei Ricci"

One of the most important chestnut groves of Trentino, with more than 5000 secular trees, it connects the mountains and the plains. In a unique environment of great biodiversity, its soil rich in minerals, every autumn the famous "maroni" (chestnuts) are produces, small and precious treasures with unparalleled organoleptic characteristics, a hallmark of Drena important enough to be inserted into the town's coat of arms.Within the grove, young and old explorers can participate in the interactive game "GIOCARICCI" - unfortunately, only in Italian -. The booklet is available on the website of the municipality of Drena at this address: while the answers are found on the panels in the chestnut grove!
Next: after the visit, we return to the parking and double up to the next crossroads, where we follow the paved road to the east in the direction of Malga Campo.
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