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Lake Garda Winds and Temperatures

It’s on the Garda Trentino coast, compared to the whole Lake Garda, where the wind is more regular.

It constantly blows from the North in the morning and from the South in the afternoon because of the difference in temperature between the surface of the lake and the Northern territory.


Here list of local winds:

Blows from the North during the first twelve hours of the day, affecting a large part of the surface of Lake Garda incorporating and nourishing other winds. It normally starts blowing from 2 or 3 o’clock at night until 11 or 12 o’clock in the morning. It first affects the northern and central part of the lake but then it affects the entire surface at sunset, with increasing intensity during the summer. It is a strong wind that forms waves and breaks the crests of the waves because of its force. In popular slang they say that this wind “el pela”(breaks) the waves, where its more
common name Pelèr derives from. This wind can blow even over 13 m/s.

Blowing from the South, is the most famous wind in Upper Garda, well known by surfers and sailors from all over the world. It alternates with the Pelèr, blowing from 12/ 1pm until sunset. The Ora achieves its maximum intensity in Upper Garda thanks to the orographic conformation of the territory which causes the Venturi effect which intensifies its wind force to over 10m/s provoking significant wave motion. It has its maximum intensity during the summer while during the winter it is very weak.

Comes down Ballino Pass , located North-West from Riva. It is a periodical wind and it blows prevalently during the winter. It blows after a brusque drop in temperature often caused by heavy snowfall or thunderstorms in the area where it comes from, reaching even 20 m/s. It raises higher waves than the Pelèr.

A periodical western wind, blowing from Ledro Valley during the fresh hours. It is a strong wind and tends to reach the east coast where it loses intensity. It incorporates the Pelèr, now and then representing bad weather. Sometimes it accompanies summer thunderstorms blowing with a strong intensity and creating a lot of problems to the Lake’s mariners.

Blows from the Venetian side towards the Brescia side and arrives in upper Garda from a more eastern direction as regards the Ora. It is a periodical wind and it can low constantly for two or three days, usually due to heavy perturbations on the Adriatic side and anticipated by an intense Triestine bora. Thanks to its constancy and well formed waves it is a perfect wind to practice windsurf.


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