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Swimming in Garda Trentino

Freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly

When the temperatures soar, many people love to dive into the blue waters of Lake Garda, Lake Ledro, Lake Tenno, Lake Lamar, Lake Lagolo or Lake Terlago. The beaches of the lakes of Garda Trentino are perfect for a morning swim, a mixed event or an intensive team training session.

Lake Tenno, with its spectacular blue colour and small size, is a splendid natural swimming pool with a small island, while Lake Ledro has four beaches from which to start training in the water! The strongest swimmers love the challenge of the distance between the two shores – a whole 2.5 km. So, no need to count the lengths! A degree of caution is required at Lake Garda, as the winds and waves can quickly whip up the waters. So, unless you are a freestyle champion, we recommend not straying too far from the shore. Lake Lagolo is located just 30 km from Trento, yet represents a true escape into the greenest of nature. Its shores are surrounded by woods, meadows and cultivated fields. The lakes of Lamar and Lago Santo are also close to Trento: they were originally a single lake before a landslide separated them. It is not uncommon to find swimmers, fishermen and nature lovers both here and at nearby Lake Terlago, which incidentally boasts Trentino’s most flourishing lake ecosystem.

Swimming in safety

  • Swimming in the open water is very different from swimming in a pool. Check the weather conditions before going into the water as wind conditions can change
    quickly, the waves can rise, it can suddenly start to rain and storms can also occur.
  • Always wear a wetsuit even in seemingly warm water: it will not only act as a buoyancy aid but also protect you against cold currents.
  • Always swim close to the shore (no more than 100 metres out) so that you can easily reach a beach in an emergency and request help on land if necessary.
  • Always swim with others: even one other person in a canoe or on a SUP can provide the support you need.
  • Always clearly display your presence by wearing a buoy around your waist and a brightly coloured swimming cap, for example in red, yellow or orange.
  • Always choose a bathing beach and keep away from harbour areas or motorboat landing zones.
  • Avoid rivers and estuaries: currents can suddenly change in strength and temperature, and the bottom is neither clean nor safe.