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Take a dip!

Swimming in Garda Trentino

Sports and fun in the refreshing waters

Hand on heart – who doesn’t look forward to taking a dip in the cooling waters when the temperatures soar in summer? Lake Garda, Lake Ledro and Lake Tenno – all the lakes in Garda Trentino have bathing beaches where you can swim, dive or simply relax.

Thanks to its spectacular azure hue and relatively small size, Lake Tenno forms a sort of natural pool. Lake Ledro on the other hand offers four main beaches for enjoying a swimming party – especially fit swimmers will be delighted that crossing the lake represents a distance of 2.5 km – no mean feat. A degree of caution is nevertheless required on Lake Garda, as the winds can quickly whip the Lago into a miniature sea – so make sure you are always within easy reach of the shore!

Swimming in safety

  • Swimming in the open water is very different from swimming in a pool. Check the weather conditions before going into the water as wind conditions can change
    quickly, the waves can rise, it can suddenly start to rain and storms can also occur.
  • Always wear a wetsuit even in seemingly warm water: it will not only act as a buoyancy aid but also protect you against cold currents.
  • Always swim close to the shore (no more than 100 metres out) so that you can easily reach a beach in an emergency and request help on land if necessary.
  • Always swim with others: even one other person in a canoe or on a SUP can provide the support you need.
  • Always clearly display your presence by wearing a buoy around your waist and a brightly coloured swimming cap, for example in red, yellow or orange.
  • Always choose a bathing beach and keep away from harbour areas or motorboat landing zones.
  • Avoid rivers and estuaries: currents can suddenly change in strength and temperature, and the bottom is neither clean nor safe.