Hidden Treasures - Itinerary The Heart of Dro

A short walk from Dro to the Church of St. Abbondio, traditional place of worship and communion for the people of Dro and Ceniga, linked to an ancient folk tradition, the Vow of San Abbondio or "of the Twelve Saturdays", that is revived every year through a fascinating historical reenactment.

Start: Piazza Repubblica, Dro
End: Piazza Repubblica, Dro
Length: 3 km.
Duration: 1.5 h.
Elevation difference: 150m
Difficulty: easy
Notes: Some parts are on dirt path and not suitable for wheelchairs. Alternatively to path 425 you can use Via Cesare Battisti instead.

1. The Vow of St. Abbondio

In 1630 the community of Dro had survived a devastating plague (the one described in Manzoni's novel The Betrothed). In January 1632 the people made a solemn vow to the saints St. Sebastian and St. Rocco (who protected people from the plauge, pledging to celebrate, every first Saturday of each month for the rest of the year, a procession to the church of San Abbondio and a Mass in honor of the two saints. After the procession, bread, wine, meat and soup were offered to the poor with funds from the inheritance of a noble woman of Dro, “Donna Fior”.

This "Vow of San Abbondio or Of the 12 Saturdays" is now the subject of a historical reenactment every year in May. During the event the original signing of the parchment containing the Vow is reenacted by local officials, followed by a historical procession, and free distribution of pasta, beans and bread with olives (“pan di molche”) in memory of the generosity of Donna Fior.
4. "Doss de Pasqua"

We are now at the foot of the hill of San Abbondio, better known locally as "Doss the Pasqua" - Easter Hill. Here starts and ends, each year on Easter Monday, the non-competitive walk "Dal Doss al Doss de Corsa" - "Running from the Hill to the Hill". The tradition dates back to the early twentieth century when on Easter Monday the people headed to the hill of San Abbondio with wagons for a collective day out.
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