Hidden Treasures - Itinerary Medieval Garda Trentino

The history of Garda Trentino is lost in the mist of time. Even though the area has been inhabited since prehistoric and Roman times, it was in the Middle Ages that a veritable explosion of small settlements happened, from the fields of the Sarca valley to the mountain slopes surrounding it. This itinerary connects the many places of interest left behind from this period, in a suggested itinerary that starts and finishes at the Information Office of Riva del Garda.

Start: Riva del Garda, Information Office
End: Riva del Garda, Information Office
Length: 20 km.
Duration: Variable / Full day
Elevation difference: 400 m.
Difficulty: Easy (sections on foot)
Notes: This itinerary connects multiple sections on foot - to travel between each town we recommend using private or public transportation when available. It is possible to change up the order of visit to better suit one's needs. 

1 Former St. Francis of Assisi Monastery

All that remains of the old convent is the cloister and the squat belfry of the th church which was demolished at the beginning of the 20 century. Probably th built in the 12 century, it was home for centuries to the followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. From 1808 onwards, it experienced many historical upheavals and underwent a series of architectural modifications, becoming first a barracks and then being converted into public offices. 
2 La Rocca / Museo Alto Garda
Dates back to the agreement made in 1124 with the bishop Altemanno when the citizens of Riva were granted the right to build a new fortress on the lake shore. The course of history has left its mark on la Rocca which has been altered over time. In the early 16th century, it was refurbished to make it a fitting temporary residence of the bishop princes. It underwent a radical transformation in the mid-19th century, when it was turned into an Austro-Hungarian barracks and lost all its medieval and renaissance features. Recent restoration work has revealed some of the original structures and made it a suitable home for the museum. The view from the keep is truly magnificent.
3 Piazza III Novembre

Formerly called Piazza Granda and then Piazza Benacense, this piazza is the heart of both the old and modern town. It is the location for the Office of the Podestà and the Town Hall, the Torre Apponale and some houses of the nobility. The arcades dating back to the period of Scaliger rule, which close off the piazza towards the harbour and the lake, used to house market stalls and shops.
4 Apponale Tower

The tower, 34 metres, rises on the east side of the piazza III Novembre; it was built in the XIII century with stone conches of different measures keeping a watch over the port and the piazza. It was an ancient commercial centre and fair and in 1555 a storey was added to the tower. In the twenties of the XX century the tower underwent structural modifications and the ancient onion-shaped roofing, inspired by the roofing of the northern European bell towers, was replaced by the present one. After the completerestoration in 2002, it is possible to walk along the 165 steps that take you to the summit from where you can see the geometric structure of the Piazza that delimits the mole, the town Riva and the blue waters of Lake Garda.
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