Drodesera Festival - XL

Between performing arts & performance art
17-19.7, 24-25.7, 31.7-1.8, 7-8.8 6 pm > 12 pm
For a fee
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XL - Not a festival, but a collective training to the thought, the action and the present


XL is the formula originally designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the festival Drodesera and the 20th of Centrale Fies. An investigation about an "out-of-format" that breaks the tradition of the summer one-shot by weaving all the annual events. In recent months we have not stopped working, not even one day, from our homes and in July, Centrale Fies will open again to our audiences too. Whatever will happen, we will try to preserve the virtuous circle of respect and care that has driven all the actions of Centrale Fies over all these years. However, we will now prompt various stakeholders to do the same, to take care of a piece of ecosystem, with mutual actions: we will require it from this building, from the shapes and the forces of nature all around, none excluded; we will require this from the audiences, the curators, artists, guests and passers-by. 


The Fies hydro-electric power station, one of the most important examples of industrial archaeology in the region, is a factory of art that has reduced its electrical energy production. The Festival Drodesera, which for the past seven years has animated the building thanks to a partnership with the Enel, hosts installations, videos, performances, meetings, workshops and exhibitions. The various rooms provide space for production projects, companies and dressing rooms, sets for video, network and communication material.

The Festival does not follow fashion or trends, but creates them and has been working for twenty-eight years with important groups in the Italian and foreign show world. Today it concentrates on productions and projects able to develop new realities in the Italian panorama, discovering young companies and different ways of increasing the free circuit of new arts. The transformation of the old power station into a theatrical centre fits into a region with a lack of adequate structures, in an area far from the great metropolises, which tends to be isolated and treated as marginal by the cultural and social currents that invest in the large towns giving sap, movement and renewal to things.


Tickets available online on the website www.centralefies.it starting from 6 July.

Shuttle bus service not active. It is possible to reach Centrale Fies with your own car.

Other contacts:
Uffici del Festival - Centrale Fies Località Fies 1 - Dro Tel: +39 0464 504700 www.centralefies.it
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