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Dro, in between unspoilt nature and art

Surrounded by three enchanting lakes, Lake Garda, Lake Cavedine and Lake Toblino, the Dro municipality in the province of Trento is one of the most ancient communities in the whole Sarca Valley.  

Its historical town center smells of history and past, with its traditional finely carved stone gates, the towers, the little arches and the uneven alleys dating back to the medieval period.   

The deconsecrated church of Saint Sisinio, Martirio and Alessandro, the Baroque church of Saint Antonio and the Guaita Tower in Pietramurata, a community of Dro, are of remarkable historical and architectural interest.   
Going north from Arco on the cycle route skirting the River Sarca you will bump into the Roman bridge in Ceniga, and from there a lush and strong nature will open in front of your eyes. 

The landscape surrounding Dro is evocative, the desert-like look alternates with spots rich in vegetation.  

One of the most dazzling features of its abundant nature is the presence of many huge glacial rocky blocks recognised as a biotope, among the most extended areas of that kind in Europe: the Marocche.  The landscape is kind of lunar, and it is also possible to spot some dinosaur footprints, belonging to an herbivore and a carnivore which were more than 6 meters long.  

But Dro is also, and most of all, famous for its rocky faces, among the most beautiful all over the area; for this reason, the town is appreciated by the free climbing and climbing lovers who choose it as the destination for their active holidays.  Its position gives also the chance to go on excursions and treks, both on foot and by mountain bike.   

Anyway, Dro is not only about white and dazzling rocks.  All over the area there are some lush groves and vineyards that produce the well-known POD Susine di Dro (namely, a special kind of plums), an excellence of the Altogarda region, and the very fragrant Trentino Vino Santo (a sweet variety of wine)

In the last few years Dro has become an important center for world-class art performances as well.  

The historic Fies hydroelectric plant, with a Habsburg imprint and dating back to 1911, is actually used as a center for both the creation and production of contemporary arts.  Every year it hosts the Drodesera Festival, an experimenting workshop and the headquarters of many prestigious international events that turn Dro and its surroundings into an all-round destination, to be discovered little by little in a perfect mix of nature, history, sport and culture. 

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