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Sapore locale
The festivals of flavour in Garda Trentino 

Sapore Locale

A gala of flavour in Garda Trentino 

Autumn in Garda Trentino is a succession of tasty events – and Sapore Locale is the name that brings them all together.

Recipes made with the purple potatoes of the Ledro Valley; desserts created with Bleggio walnuts (one of Garda Trentino’s Presidio Slow Food award-winners) or made with chestnut flour or indeed the chestnuts from around Drena, Tenno and Nago. Glasses of Cabernet, Marzemino, Merlot or Vino Santo Trentino DOC from the Valle dei Laghi to go with traditional dishes; or slices of carne salada with a drizzle of Garda Trentino DOP olive oil. All to be tasted at the stalls of food and wine festivals, seated on benches at village festivals, amidst conversation and concerts, or at the tables of traditional restaurants looking out on the lakes (Garda, Ledro... and more besides) or mountains. Enjoy the carefree atmosphere of lakeside villages, the rural ambience of the medieval villages in the hinterland and the hospitality of the mountain folk. 


Sapore Locale events
An appointment with taste
Food and wine events offering menus based on potatoes, pumpkins or broccoli from Torbole; village festivals dedicated to walnuts and to chestnuts – marroni and castagne; culinary offerings based upon carne salada, as well as traditional dishes such as caponec (stuffed vine leaves) or potato polenta from the Ledro Valley; and of course wine tastings, from Marzemino to Vino Santo, a passito dessert wine, not to mention Trentino grappa. These are festivals at which to taste the specialities that tell the story of Garda Trentino: and autumn is when the Sapore Locale events come to the table! 
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Menu: Cuisine of the Exile
Menu: Carne Salada
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Menu: Potatoes and Walnuts
Menu: Chestnuts and Wine