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Susina di Dro
a very special plum

susine di Dro DOP

A very special type of plum

The Sarca Valley near Dro is the home and origin of a very special type of plum. The “Susina di Dro” is a close relative of the plum, but in terms of taste it has more to offer and is also particularly rich in potassium.

The susina is violet blue in colour and its flesh is firmer in comparison to a normal plum. The sweet and sour taste of the susina makes it an excellent fresh fruit and it can also be found in numerous recipes for delicious dishes – such as the traditional plum gnocchi. As a dried fruit too, the susina contains plenty of energy and vitamins for the cold months. The susina has been awarded the DOP quality seal for bio-sustainable fruit growing as well as De.Co. quality seal.

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