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Nature and culture

The many faces of the village of Dro

A blend of nature, history and culture

One of the oldest municipalities in the Sarca Valley, Dro, lies between the three enchanting lakes of the Garda Trentino region – Lake Garda, Lake Cavedine and Lake Toblino.

Historic gates carved of stone, towers, arches, and curious, winding alleyways all bear witness to the ancient origins of this village. But Dro is also interesting in architectural and cultural terms: for example, the former church of Saint Sisinio, Martirio and Alexander, the Guaita Tower in the hamlet of Pietramurata, the Roman bridge of Ceniga or the Church of Sant’Abbondio. This is where, each year, the inhabitants of the village solemnly renew the vow made in 1630 in gratitude for their escape from the deathly embrace of the plague. Around Dro, conversely, extend vineyards and the green orchards that produce the susine plums of Dro, a fruity delicacy with protected geographical origin, as well as the Vino Santo Trentino DOC with its fragrant character.

Dro also has an artistic heritage: the historic hydropower station of Fies, dating from 1911 and built in Habsburg style, is now a centre for the acquisition and production of contemporary art; the experimental laboratory of the Drodesera Festival and other renowned international events are held here every year. Dro is thus a regular destination for those attracted by its fascinatingly perfect blend of nature, history and culture.

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