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Historic mountain village

The little town of Drena

Nature and culture, stories and histories

Just a few kilometres from Lake Garda, above the Sarca Valley, lies the mountain village of Drena. It dates back to a prehistoric settlement and is marked by Roman and medieval influences. On a hill above the hamlet is the landmark of Drena Castle, long owned by the Counts of Arco to keep watch over the Sarca Valley. Today’s visitors to this village in the north of Garda Trentino are in for a treat!

As an example, just below Drena are located the so-called “marocche”, rock layers created by landslides during the last Ice Age. The barren landscape is reminiscent of the moon; a large network of paths lets you explore the past, including the traces of two different dinosaur species – a plant-eater and a carnivore, both over six metres long.

For a full taste of Drena, don’t miss the “marroni di Drena”. These famous chestnuts come from 1000-year-old trees in the woods around the village. Nearby too is the village of Braila, a tiny cultural attraction with just ten inhabitants living in its fascinating terraced stone houses.

For active visitors, however, the highlight is the “Rio Sallagoni”, the via ferrata to Drena Castle. The path runs up a gorge to the castle, crossing overhanging sections offering breathtaking views of the valley below, with a Tibetan bridge that passes by a lovely waterfall. Drena is packed full of stories and histories, wherever you look and wherever you go!

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