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The contrade of Bezzecca
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Bezzecca is famous for the battle which took place in 1866. It is here that Garibaldi pronounced his famous answer, Obbedisco! There’s much more to uncover in the village though!

The village is divided into two contrade by the Assat torrent. On the left bank is Lutta, on the right bank Villa. Bezzecca owes its name to this peculiarity. Bis secta means ‘divided into two’ in Latin. The rivalry between the two factions plays out each year in occasion of the scontrada, a series of sport competition and games.

The two best known inhabitants of the village are without doubt Giacomo Cis and Bernardo Gilli. The Ponale road was built thanks to the backing of Giacomo Cis. Bernardo Gilli, nicknamed el popo (i.e. the child), was a true giant. He was 2.60 m tall. He toured Europe to amaze the European courts with his imposing stature. The Christmas market taking place in the alleys of Bezzecca is named after him.

For Great War enthusiasts the trenches on the Colle di Santo Stefano and Museum of Garibaldi and the Great War in the centre of the village are not to be missed.

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Further information on www.vallediledro.com

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1,5 km
Activity time
1 h 00 min
38 m
38 m
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Highest point
725 m
Lowest point
687 m
The Music Day (Fête de la Musique) takes place throughout Europe on 21st June, the Summer solstice. From the early afternoon to late at night the streets of the village fill up with music of all genres and origins.
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Punto di partenza
From the car park cross the main road and turn into the small street opposite. Turn right into Via Santo Stefano and walk uphill. At the graveyard turn left and walk downhill. Take the stairs back to the village. From Piazza Obbedisco take Via XXI Luglio. At Piazza Concei turn left into Via Pace and left again into Via Gigante Gilli. At the post office turn left, walk by the stream and reach the church. Turn into Via Chiassi, turn left into Via Battisti and walk back to the car park.
public transportation

Trentino Trasporti

There: 214 bus Riva del Garda - Bezzecca
And back: 214 bus Bezzecca -  Riva del Garda

Further information and timetable

How to get there

Exit the A22 motorway at Rovereto Sud – Lago di Garda. Follow the SS240 della Val di Ledro to Bezzecca. Further options

Where to park
Car park near the school.
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