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Hidden Treasures: The old "road to the castle" in Drena
Dro & Drena
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An easy walk that takes you from the protected area Marocche in Dro up to Drena Castle along an ancient mule track dating back to the Middle Ages.

This itinerary starts in the protected area the Marocche (Dro) where it first climbs to Drena Caste along the old “Roman road”, a medieval mule track, and from there to the chapel of Madonna di Fatima where there is a spectacular view of the hamlet and castle from above.

The Marocche is an area which is protected because of its unique geology and natural environment: it is in fact, the largest postglacial landslide in the entire Alps, an imposing mass of rocky material forming a lunar landscape, the habitat of plants and animals which have adapted to the particular aridity of the environment.

Drena Castle, which once belonged to the counts of Arco, is mentioned as far back as the 12th century and used to enclose the road for Cavedine, one of the few roads at the time connecting the Garda area with Trento.

For this very reason it was destroyed by General Vendòme in 1703. Recently restored, it now houses a little museum which displays archaeological finds.

Further information and useful links
  • Drena Castle, with its 25 metre high tower overlooking the Sarca Valley, is open to the public. Admission is free with the Trentino Guest Card. Details and opening hours: www.gardatrentino.it
  • For further information on routes, activities, events and accommodation at lake Garda:  APT Garda Trentino, Tel. +39 0464 554444 - www.gardatrentino.it
Route info
Route number
4,6 km
Activity time
1 h 35 min
Altitude difference (+)
216 m
Altitude difference (-)
216 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
426 m
Lowest point
211 m
In the Marocche area you can even see dinosaur tracks, easily accessible from the car park on the road to Lake Cavedine.
Safety guidelines

Warning! At various points on the trail you have to cross the main road (S.P. 84) without any pedestrian crossing.

The Hidden Treasures itineraries were designed in order to give visitors a chance to get to know places in Garda Trentino that are off the beaten track. For this reason, the signposting is not always in the same style and sometimes missing altogether. We therefore recommend you to take a good map with you on these excursions. And then bear in mind your general reference points: Lake Garda = South, Monte Stivo = East, Rocchetta = West, Arco Castle = North.

The telephone number for the emergency services is 112.

The information on this chart is subject to inevitable variations, so this means that none of the indications are absolute. It is not entirely possible to avoid giving inexact or imprecise information, given how quickly environmental and weather conditions can change. For this reason we decline any responsibility for changes which the user may encounter. In any case,  the hiker is advised to check the conditions of the places, environment and weather before setting out.


Punto di partenza
Marocche - Parking place

Start from the car park for the Marocche protected area in Lavini, situated along the main road (S.P. 84) from Dro to Drena. First follow directions for the nearby Rio Sallagoni via ferrata, turning left at the first junction near a cement doorway. Continue along this dirt track until you come back to the main road. Cross here (watching out for traffic) and continue along the track between the road and orchard through the woods as far as the castle. This final stretch of trail, known as the “Roman Road”, is actually a mule track dating back to the Middle Ages, is also called “brozzera” because of the ruts left by carts (“brozzi” in local dialect).

Cross the main road a second time and you come to the castle. After a visit, continue along the main road in the direction of Cavedine (via Roma), past the nearby chapel of San Vigilio and the Miner's Monument. At the next bus stop, cross the road and turn onto the trail signposted “Madonna di Fatima”. Head up the steps to the sanctuary which consists of a group of statues of Our Lady of Fatima and the three little shepherds at the mouth of a little grotto made in 1943 by some local miners who had emigrated to Belgium.

Just make your way back to return to the car park.

public transportation

Drena is connected with the other towns in Garda Trentino by the number 304 intercity bus line. You can get off on request in the Marocche area on the way out and for the return trip there are two bus stops in via Roma. Details and timetables: www.gardatrentino.it

How to get there

Getting to northern lake Garda / Garda Trentino: www.gardatrentino.it

Where to park
In the Marocche area there are two free car parks, one before the tamburello court and one immediately after.
This excursion is quite simple and presents no particular difficulty. However, we still recommend you to wear suitable footwear, a hat, sun screen and sunglasses. And be sure to bring water!
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