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7. A long downhill ride from Lake Tenno to Riva del Garda
Tenno, Riva del Garda
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An easy ride, all downhill, which takes you from Lake Tenno to Lake Garda, through medieval villages and vineyards, with spectacular views of the lake all the way.

This itinerary takes advantage of the summer Bicibus bike shuttle which takes you to Lake Tenno, the starting point for the trip.
The route winds downhill then, all the way, passing through some of the loveliest and most panoramic places in the Tenno area, a natural balcony overlooking Lake Garda.
The tour could be the perfect way to get back after a day at the lake (bathing allowed and lifeguard service in the summer months) or exploring medieval villages (in particular Canale di Tenno, in the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy,  and Frapporta, directly below Tenno Castle, and discovering local specialities (such as carne salada).

The tour is mostly on back roads where traffic is limited, apart from the stretch from Ville del Monte to Tenno where you ride down the main road and need to pay particular attention.

Further information and useful links
  • In Tenno you should stop off to visit the medieval quarter of Frapporta, the oldest part of the town. Here you pass beneath the ancient gate into a labyrinth of narrow laneways and houses perched practically on top of one another, huddled about the feet of the castle. Stay on the main road and you come to the Romanesque church of San Lorenzo which has the oldest frescoes in Trentino.
  •  For further information on routes, activities, events and accommodation at lake Garda:  APT Garda Trentino, Tel. +39 0464 554444 - www.gardatrentino.it

Route info
Route number
15,4 km
Activity time
1 h 10 min
Altitude difference (+)
76 m
Altitude difference (-)
612 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
605 m
Lowest point
66 m

Don't forget you camera. You will have come across plenty of places along the way where you will want to take some photos!

Safety guidelines
  1. Give your bike a regular checkup, especially if you've had it for years.
  2. Be seen: you must wear a high vis jacket (or sash) in tunnels and on country roads after sunset.
  3. Always wear your helmet.
  4. Make sure your front and rear lights are working.
  5. Put out your arm to give advance warning of your intention to change position and before you do anything, check there are no vehicles coming up behind you.
  6. Don't use headphones or your mobile phone handsfree kit: you need all your concentration on the road!
  7. Obey the road signs: stop at traffic lights and don't ride on the wrong side of the road.
  8. If you are cycling in a group, always go in single file.
  9. You've got a bell: use it to let pedestrians know you're there. Don't ride on footpaths. If you have to then get off and push your bike.
  10. If there are cycle paths use them. It's your safety that's at stake and the rules of the road say you must.



The cycle pathe in Trentino are usually closed by the local authorities from November, 15th to April, 15th. Exceptions are the cycle paths along the River Adige and in the Basso Sarca/Garda Trentino, where cycling is prohibited only in case of ice or during a snowfall

Punto di partenza
Parking place at Lake Tenno

The BiciBusTrek shuttle (which has stops in Torbole sul Garda and Riva del Garda) takes you to Lake Tenno.
From the car park near the bus stop head towards the lake and take the first road on the right, behind the wooden house (the tourist information office in summertime). Cycle as far as a wooden cross where you stay on the right on a nice downhill stretch which takes you to Ville del Monte. Turn left at the stop sign onto the main road 421. At the next junction turn left, following directions for the village of Canale di Tenno which you will get to after a few minutes on an uphill stretch of the road.

After visiting the little village, head back to the junction and turn left onto the main road. On this stretch you need to watch out for traffic. Keep on the main road as far as the next town which is Tenno, with the imposing castle towering above it. When you get to the castle, the road bends to the left and here you take a paved back road (signposted MTB 740) which leads off through olive groves and vineyards. Follow the signposts until you come to Volta di No. At the stop sign keep going straight on the main street which leads downhill until you come to the next town (Cologna). Here you turn right, next to the car park. Cross through the town and go straight through the surrounding farmland until you come to a junction with the main road again. At the stop sign turn right. Shortly after you will pass the entrance to the Varone waterfall.

Keep going until, on your left, you come across the start of the cycle path. Take it and follow directions until you get back to Riva del Garda.

public transportation

There is a bus line which links Riva del Garda to Lake Tenno all year round but it runs less frequently.
For further details and timetables: www.gardatrentino.it

How to get there

Riva del Garda is easily accessible (about 18 km) from the Rovereto Sud - Lago di Garda Nord motorway exit.

Other directions for getting to Garda Trentino: www.gardatrentino.it

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