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Open water swimming - Lake Garda Trentino

There is no better way to practise sport full immersed in nature! Our area offers many basins suitable for swimming, among which three lakes (from the smallest to the biggest): lake Tenno, lake Ledro, and lake Garda.

Thanks to its intense colour and its small size (approx. 700m x 400m), Lake Tenno is considered a big natural pool ideal for swimming, also around its island, which turns out to be a great landmark for swims across as well.
Despite being very calm and sheltered from the wind, lake Tenno has cold springs which lead to sudden changes in water temperature. Always wear your wetsuit.

Lake Ledro offers two main spots suitable for swimming along the lakeside, which share a similar shape: beach of Pur and of Besta. Their coves measure circa 500 m and 400 m respectively. Both beaches are fairly sheltered from the wind and the water is not too choppy.

Instead, North Lake Garda is famous for sailing and windsurfing, sports which harness the power of the wind. However, swimming in lake Garda is a further experience to try. Unlike the other lakes, lake Garda can turn into a small sea, also due to the features of its winds. It is always preferable to choose the right moment of the day to have a swim (better in the morning or evening), when the waves are not too big and the wind is more moderate.
Due to lake size and traffic, always swim along the lakeside, paying caution and swimming safely.



Two main winds blow on lake Garda. Their features are similar to sea breezes. At nights and during the early hours of the day until 11-12 am, the Pelèr (offshore breeze) blows from North towards the lake, creating a sort of “current” that washes offshore. From midday to sunset, the Ora (onshore breeze) blows from South to land, creating a significant wave motion.





Open water swimming is way different from swimming in the pool. Before setting off, check the weather conditions: the wind can swiftly change, the wave motion can increase, it can start to rain, also bringing thunderstorms.

Moreover, it is essential to be properly equipped. Even if water seems warm always wear your wetsuit: beside boosting your buoyancy, it protects you from possible cold currents.
Pay always caution and take some simple safety measures:

- Always swim along the lakeside (within 100 metres), in case of necessity reaching the shore and attracting attention will be easier.
- Always swim in company: a friend in kayak or SUP can be a valid support.
- Always signal your presence clearly using a swimming buoy tied round your waist and wearing a swimming cap in contrast to the water as red, yellow or orange; the sailing and motorboat traffic on lake Garda is very high.
- Choose beaches where swimming is permitted, keep off the harbour areas and the moorings of motorboats.
- Avoid rivers, especially their mouths: the stream can sudden change in temperature and intensity and the river floor may not be clean and safe.

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