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Lake Garda - Garda Trentino - Historic centres, little country towns, churches, palaces, castles, ancient villages and archaeological sites. The charm of the lake but also echoes of other times which have gone to make up its identity.


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Hidden Treasures - Itinerary Arco City of Air
This itinerary is dedicated to the age of Sanatoriums and to the presence in Arco of Vasco ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary Between Air and Rock
Under the rugged cliff of the castle, lies the town of Arco, rich in history and culture, a ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary Dürer Promenade
The Dürer itinerary follows a few pathways that, starting from the center of Arco ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary From History to Naure
A journey through history and nature that visits some places rooted in local tradition, both ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary From Riva to Riva
A simple and easy to walk itinerary leads us on a discovery of the most beautiful views of Riva ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary Lake Tenno and the Medieval Villages
Scenic route that connects the picturesque Lake Tenno to medieval villages Canale, ranked among ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary Medieval Garda Trentino
The history of Garda Trentino is lost in the mist of time. Even though the area has been ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary Rilke Promenade
A walk in the footsteps of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, who stayed in Arco with his mother and ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary Sanatorium von Hartungen
On the lakeside of Riva in a large park lies a complex known as "Miralago", which originates ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary The "Marocco" Quarter of Riva
A short walk through a secret corner of Riva. The "Marocco" quarter is part of the medieval ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary The Agricultural Terraces
Journey through the history and nature of Tenno. Starting with the town of Cologna and its many ...
Hidden Treasures - Itinerary The Architect of the Lake
The architect Giancarlo Maroni was one of the people responsible for the reconstruction of Riva ...
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