Lake Garda Produce - Garda Trentino Produce

01 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tastiness guaranteed by an unique territory, where the olive tree has been grown for centuries, in the utmost respect for ...
02 - Wines
Along gradual slopes caressed by the sun, a multiplicity of vine varieties for every gastronomic matching What’s better ...
03 - Vino Santo
This wine owes its particular name to its production process: the Nosiola grapes are left to dry on special wooden racks, called ...
04 - Distillates & Grappa
From the vinasses, herbs and mixed berries, a precious elixir to be tasted with friends The good habits of the past have taught ...
05 - Carne Salada
Rustic flavours revisited for gourmet dishes The Alto Garda and Ledro cuisine has always used till today a large variety of ...
06 - Lake-Fish and Fish Breeding
Lake-fish and breeding fish for unique and tasty recipes The freshwaters of Lake Garda and Lake Ledro are full of ichthyic ...
07 - Plums
Fresh or dried. The taste is always unique. In Dro, in the Sarca Valley, grows a local variety of plum, unique in the world, DOP ...
08 - Fruits
Fruits for all the tastes and all the seasons There are many fruits that you can find in the shops and on the tables at the ...
09 - Broccoli
For an autumn of intense and natural flavours Among all the varieties of vegetables which, thanks to the Mediterranean climate, ...
10 - Marroni
A treasure inside a burr Cultivated with natural methods, this particular variety of chestnuts, is hand-harvested in autumn, when ...
11 - Honey
Rich gifts of nature Millefiori, acacia, chestnut, dandelion and fir honeydew: these are just a few of the many varieties of ...
12 - Picco Rosso
An exclusive gem of Ledro ... of high alcohol content! Did you know that this special distillate (61 alcoholic degrees), famous ...
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