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Eleonora Farina, Ambassador of #GardaTrentino

Eleonora farina, Italian downhill champion World racer

Eleonora Farina, born in 1990, with deep blue eyes that let us glimpse the great enthusiasm and perseverance only the big champions have.

An European Downhill Champion, Eleonora is native to Pietramurata and is really proud of being an Ambassador of Garda Trentino for her discipline, a fast-paced sport.

Full of courage and commitment, at the beginning she took the first steps in this discipline just for fun, with a group of friends who led her in the amazing world of downhill mountain biking. Thanks to her innate competitive nature, she later started to challenge herself and take on the first nonprofessional races, achieving some good results immediately. Starting from that point, the first European and World competitions arrived, also together with the national team. Being a member of it makes her particularly proud.

What are her favourite bikeways? Fast and jagged with stones and roots, like those of the Garda Trentino area, which are the best ones to train as best as you can from a technical point of view, according to Eleonora!

One specifically is to be practiced with downhill and stays deep in her heart: the so called Val Del Diaol (loosely, Devil's Valley) in Torbole!
As for the enduro discipline (Eleonora regularly practices it to train at her best), there are a lot of bikeways that help her in her physical training. Among them, mainly in the morning, the eastern side overlooking Riva del Garda is wonderfully lit by the sun, while in the afternoon the ridges above Torbole and Nago offer your eyes a breathtaking view at sundown.

The Bike Park Garda Trentino offers Eleonora the opportunity to maintain and improve herself and her technique.

Garda Trentino has really many peculiarities that have made Eleonora fallen deeply in love with this area she considers perfect for the biking world! The mild Mediterranean climate allows her to train all year round, and the exciting glimpses are well worth the strain.

Eleonora Farina has embraced the role of Ambassador with pride and joy, and she has planned to be at some promotional events during the season. Not only that, the biker from Pietramurata will proudly bring the Bike Park Garda Trentino brand together with her all around the world. In this way, she will be able to promote the gravity disciplines of Garda Trentino worldwide.
That between Garda Trentino and champions like Eleonora Farina is a perfect union that represents the real proof of an indissoluble bond between this territory and the biking world.




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