Rock Master Festival

Free-Climbing: Internationaler Wettkampf
27. August - 6. September 2015 9.00 > 19.00 Uhr
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Rock Master Festival continues its long tradition as the most important climbing competition in the world and the event continues, uninterrupted since 1987, in 2015! During the IFSC World Youth Climbing Championships 2015 the Rock Master title will be awarded on 29 August via the Duel competition, while the prestigious Arco Rock Legends Awards will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Rock Master Festival therefore, thanks also to the Rock Master Village, remains an important meeting point for today’s champions, those of yesterday and those of tomorrow. The date is set of 28 August 2015 at Arco, for a great sport climbing festival.

Rock Master
For almost thirty years Rock Master has been an unmissable event in the world of climbing competitions. Despite this year being marked by the IFSC World Youth Championships, the Rock Master Association didn’t want to skip this historic event.

Rock Master 2015 will be assigned via the Duel, the exclusive competition formula ‘invented’ at Arco that for years has become the final fixture of the Festival: the best eight athletes in the world, competing against each other on two difficult, identical and parallel routes. The athlete who climbs to the top first eliminates the other, all the way down to the final battle. Tactics, determination, control and explosive climbing, the desire to take to the wire, to the very last hold. It’s a exciting show and the grand Gala closing Ceremony of a week’s world-class climbing.

The best eight climbers (male and female), invited on the basis of the Permanent World Ranking.

The competition formula is simple: the eight athletes compete against each other on two difficult, identical and parallel routes. The athlete who first reaches the “finishing line” at the top of the Climbing Stadium qualifies for the next round. It all goes down to the wire in the battle for 3rd and 4th place, and the superb final for 1st and 2nd.


Freitag, den 28. August um 20.00 Uhr: Team parade and Opening Ceremony in der Altstadt


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